As a lover of God you will receive power and blessings from your lover God. You will be a better person. One who has many good qualities, everything from being a Peacemaker, to one who is kinder and gentler. You will receive the blessing/power of the Holy Spirit to guide you in making good decisions about living your life in some special way, like: Wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, language, and more. All of these will help you reach out and help others.

Goodness is the action you take to want to do everything within your power to please your lover God. And as a result you usually please your family members in God and thereby receive a return of love by God and others. This frequently provides you with the results of the goodness that God and others do for you. Also by developing goodness you also usually are doing the good things that please the other levels of authority above you (country/employer, etc.) and below you (e.g. like children). The benefits there, are very helpful in your life. And as a result of all these and previously covered attributes of the Godly love affair is Joy.


Gentleness is a trait where you love a brother or sister in God’s family so much that you do not want to hurt them in any way that is not required for a higher benefit. This is much like when a parent takes a child to a doctor for necessary shots but also does everything in their power to help the child get through the difficult situation sharing as much LOVE as possible. This helps the other party get through the difficult challenge as easy as possible and with as much help that you can offer. Gentleness is also displayed in your tenderness. As a result of these actions you get to share other benefits like Goodness.


One of the most important and the most difficult actions is to develop the trait of humility (letting the other party in a love affair into and have control of your life). Humility is putting into action the requirement of love that the needs and requirements of the other party is more important than yours and accepting that you must let the other party into your life so that they can do the same. But one big difference in the love affair with God is that God also created other humans as your brothers and sisters. And as a result of that, He expects us to have a love affair with His other children. One of the benefits out of this is kindness.


“When you fully put in to practice the love of your human brothers and sisters, you develop the trait of kindness (wanting to please your Father/Lover God) by showing how you are sharing your common love through doing things that will satisfy the needs and requirements of your brothers and sisters in God’s love affair). And one of the other benefits that you will receive is the kindness of your brothers and sisters. in God’s family. Note that kindness does not require that you like the other party, only to love them by doing what you can to satisfy their needs and requirements if they also meet your lover God’s needs. This will develop gentleness also.


Joy is the pleasure you get from doing everything within your power to please your lover God and the result of all the benefits you receive from sharing that love. These benefits that have been covered in this book already and those to come, provide you with the joy of completion of the purpose you have been given by being given life. It is the equivalent of all the joy of all the other successes (graduations, etc.) rolled into one. And then you add what will happen in the future – the eternal love fest. With this joy you can deal with any other challenges you will face. This greatly impacts the quality of your life.


One of the greatest virtues you will acquire, by turning control of your life over to God is Patience. This is the ability to put the control of circumstances out of your control – much like when you were a student in a class or a member of a team. You just do what the next action you have to do, the best way you can and leave the results to the higher authority (e.g. teacher/coach). Life becomes something that you do the best you can and then move on to the next action. You are trusting your lover God to take care of you. You rest in His shared love, much as young lovers on their honeymoon. But Patience does require humility.


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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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