Getting Started

Getting started

Large Groups

Do not overlook large group gatherings such as worship services, special speakers, Christian concerts, and a lot more. These activities will give you a chance to share with others how much you are in love with your lover God. It will show your pride in the love affair you have. It will also give you opportunities to make commitments to your lover; through such things as communion, baptism, attempts to serve, lead and a lot more. All of these will deepen your relationship with your lover.


One of the most valued benefits provided you will be the spiritual gift of hope. Hope is knowing that your lover God will be trying to do what is best for you within His plan for the whole earth. He will be with you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through whatever He needs you to go through. And you will always have the hope that the worst humans can do to you is to take your earthly life.. But that is the best that can happen to you, because you will be joining with your lover God in your reward- an eternal love-fest.

Personal Living

Just as with an earthly love affair, you will want to live with your lover. Well just as on earth, you need to invite your lover God to be involved with your life. Everything you do will be measured against how it will impact your lover God. You will find yourself talking with your lover-God when you get up and when you go to sleep. How you act and relate to everything else will be important. The friends you keep will be vital. The time you spend will be guided by what would please your lover. All of this will continue to deepen your love affair and improve the quality of your life.

The two worlds

At this point, you may be wondering why you cannot currently see your lover-God? Well that is because there is two different existences/worlds/universes. One is the physical world we live in currently called the earth and universe. The other is the spirit world, where God exists along with the eternal love fest. This is the existence that you will Join Him in; if you should choose to do. You can do that; because you were created in two parts: human body and as a spirit. The spirit is that part of you that will join Him. And is the part that has all the special capabilities that makes you different then the animals, like: creativity, reasoning, wisdom, love, etc. Your body exists only to help you make the decision. Once your body has completed the cycle of making that decision, it will cease to function here on earth or as we call it death.

The Example

One of the best ways we can learn how to function in this loving relationship with God is to look at the example He sent to earth. God knew that we humans were having a hard time understanding how we should live in that loving relationship. So He sent a part of Him down to earth to be an example of how we should live. And this example was documented in the Gospels within the Bible. So you need to make a special effort to study the gospels within the Bible. While there, you may notice that Jesus Christ, our example, also came to pay the penalties for doing the wrong actions that all people have done, hurting our loving God. This is called salvation, which has made it possible to have this loving relationship with God, even though we have completed actions that has hurt Him. That is what is called sin.

Our Guide

Once we make the decision to share love with God, He knew that we would need some special guidance on how we should live to fully enjoy the benefits we will receive. Well He sent another part of Himself that is called the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit can be with us at all times if we should so choose to permit Him, and to listen to His guidance. He is the portion of God that walks hand in hand with us through our life if we want that help. He will be in our mind and spirit providing guidance and help dealing with the challenges we will face. These challenges will strengthen and confirm our loving relationship. The Holy Spirit will use the resources that God has provided us, such as: the Bible, the church, Christian friends, etc. All of these will be available through the Holy Spirit’s help and our efforts to make use of them. So choose to use them.

Decision Time

On the earth, when we have fallen in love with someone and want to deepen that love relationship into a commitment to each other, we make that commitment official and binding by entering into the marriage arrangement. Well, in the love relationship with God, we also need to make a sign of commitment to our lover God. That sign of commitment is primarily the decision we make to place what our lover God’s requirements for us first and foremost in our lives. This means that what He expects of us, is more important then what the world expects of us along what our desires are. It means trusting Him to guide us and to care for us. It means putting control of our lives in His control. It means, depending on Him for our lives. We need to make that decision and commitment, before we end our earthly life cycle.

Getting Going

You have the benefits and requirements of making the decision to love the Boss, the Creator, and the Controller, with your WHOLE heart, mind, spirit and strength. Now it is up to you to decide whether this is something you want to do, to get those benefits. If you should choose to take this step now, I encourage you to do so now. You never know how long you have to make that decision. Once you have made that decision, you will need to start to do what was covered in this app and required. After you have done that you may start studying the Bible for what else your lover God wants you to do. God loves you and wants to share His love with you. Make the decision and commitment and share that love.


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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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