Is it a whisper or a yell

I found that one of the hardest things to do in my love affair with God; is to determine if it is God or the devil in my mind – telling me to do something.  Well the first thing I do is to determine if it is a yell or a whisper.  If it is a yell, which it frequently is, then it probably is the devil.  And the next thing I check is: Is it something my lover would want me to do.  If I am still confused after that I check the Bible for answers.  By now, 99 percent of the time I have settled on who it is.  In the one percent of the time, I check with my earthly friends.  This will usually wrap it up.


About georgehach

I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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