5 What happened

5 What happened

Well we humans, have a basic character that wants to be in control of our life and everything around it that impacts our life. But since we have to live with other humans who have the same basic character, we automatically run into trouble.

Our world and society can’t function in full effective cooperation in giving each individual full control of their life and the world around them. So the world and society has a program that provides multiple levels of authority (U.N., Nations, states, counties, cities, etc.). This is seen in all aspects of society: school, job, family, etc.. But each of these levels of authority have other humans with the same need for control of their life and others. We don’t have within us as humans to fully overcome this character flaw. Therefore the world was created and is being controlled by a “Higher Power.” This need for this “Higher Power” to provide us with the ability to provide us with the power to fully cooperate with others for the betterment of the human society is and has been part of our natural character – all through human history.

But it has only been in recent generations of humans that the majority of humans have taken out of their life this need for a “higher power.” So, as a result of this action by the majority of humans, we have been unable to fully cooperate for the betterment of the world and humanity. We are physically destroying our environment, our society, our families and everything around us.

The reason that this “Higher Power” is necessary to human survival is that the “Higher Power” provides us with the “Morals and Ethics” that provides us with the framework of cooperation between individuals and society. Without these morals and ethics, it is impossible to successfully cooperate. We, as humans, have tried to replace them with “laws and rules.” But they do not work; because the motivation to follow them is not present within the average human. An so we have to use an approach of punishment for failure to follow these laws. The problem with punishment is that it only makes things worse. All we have to do, is to take a look at the world’s prisons.

And of course we also presently hope that our education systems will teach societal cooperation. But we have taken it out of our educational systems. Instead we have encouraged the students to be the best individual they can be and to get the most they can individually. This is the opposite of what is needed for a successful world.

And if we add the science factor to the mix, we add a lot more challenge to human society. Science’s purpose was in the past to help the human race to deal with the challenges of life. But science has become a money making operation. What is best for the individuals who are funding the science.

Next we add the military to the mix. The only way a country can function is to have the best military to defend the country from attack. This just brings more death and destruction.

We then add the business world to the mix, we have the need to make the most money for the humans associated with the business. It’s not what is best for society, but what is best for the individual.

All of these factors have as their core, “What is best for the individual.” Therefore what is best for society is buried by the individuals in this society. With this in mind, I hope you can see that science and individualism is not the answer.

So what is the answer.


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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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