6 The Answer

6 The answer

The answer I have come up with, is that we need to first acknowledge that the current approach does not work. Individualism (each individual seeking what is best for him/her) produces a societal system which puts the individual first and not society as a whole, being more important.

The second step is that we need to change our approach to society and authority. From individualism to seeking what is best for society as a whole. And that “Higher Authority” (there are multi levels of authority & authority is good) approach to authority is necessary.

The next step is to acknowledge that there is a creator and controller of this world we live in. And He has the right to demand that we pay attention to Him and His rules for humankind as a whole.

Following that acknowledgement, societies institutions (religion, education, etc.) needs to make this approach to changing humanities approach to life as their highest priority. Society needs to change their approach from what is best for the individual to what is best for society as a whole.

Society would need to change in the following areas:

· Religion will need to give priority to their articles of faith that reflects obeying authority including the “Higher Power.” The second priority needs to be love of the “Higher Authority” and of others. And emphasis will need to be put on the real definition of love: placing the other parties need and desires above theirs.

· Education will need to put its top priorities on obedience of the authority chain including the “Higher Power.” Secondly education would need to put down the priority of science and place the emphasis on what is best for society as a whole.

· The judicial system would need to change their priority from protecting the individual rights to protecting the rights of the Higher Power and society as a whole.

· We as humans would need to change our government systems from being centered on individualism to one centered on obeying the “Higher Power” and what is best for society as a whole. If this means one world government, so be it.

· Military and police would need to enforce and defend the other areas.

· Business would need to change from a profit based approach to a service based approach. Much like the public utilities are handled today. And it would need to change from a centralized location approach to a decentralized approach.

· The financial world would need to change it’s approach from one centered on profit to one centered on service and what is best for society.. Any profits could be fully taxed if it can’t be shown that the profits are not going to improve society.

· Labor/employees would be paid based on what they are doing to improve society as a whole.. The salary range would be controlled by government.

· Families would need to be created and functioning within the previously stated definition of love (placing the other parties needs first). Potential marriages would need to be tested either by the religion or government areas for the parties commitment to the love factor, before licenses would be issued. Only licensed marriages would be allowed to raise children. Any children being raised outside licensed marriages would need to be monitored by the state.

· Individuals would need to be tested as children regarding their capabilities and placed in training programs that would need to be coordinated with societies needs as a whole.

This only touches the surface of what would be required. We would also have to change our relationship with the “Higher Power.”


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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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