7 Higher Power

7 Higher Power

The “Higher Power” will guide society in making this approach work. He will provide the power and guidance to individuals to accomplish this change. This power will take the form of various attributes : patience, kindness, gentleness, etc..

But first we need to acknowledge that there is a “Higher Power.” An entity that created this world and is in control of this world. Science has learned and taught us that there is an orderliness in our world.

We see it in many aspects of our life. We know how to travel by way of the north star. The rises in the east at a knowable minute. Babies are born on schedule. Weather is predictable. And a lot more.

Something or somebody needs to be in control. We even used to come rather close to how much moisture over a period of time would come. Well something has changed. And we are even told by our scientist that we have wrecked our environment. Well if we have wrecked it, then there is no hope.

I prefer to believe what I have observed: that there is a higher power who is in charge. One who can change our future from what we did to it by our individualism to one where He is acknowledged to be in control by the majority of humans. By being in control of the world, He is in control of our lives also.

In order to have this control relationship we need to develop a love sharing relationship. One where we place the other parties needs and desires first over ours. But since the “Higher Power” is over all the world, He needs to take in to concern the whole worlds needs along with His overall plan for the world. So He may not be able to provide us with our needs that may be in conflict with the needs of others or His plan.

Currently the majority of humans to not acknowledge His authority over them. He needs to get their attention and bring them back under His control. Our failure to do so has created the lack of a proper physical and social environment for a successful human relationship to function between us and the Higher Power, between us and others and between us and the physical world.

This improper relationship has brought us to this condition. And only the majority of humans can change it by improving our relationship with the “Higher Power” and other humans. Although He can do it on His own; why would He if there is no improvement in our human relationships.

But for those who make an attempt to achieve this improved relationship without the majority of humans doing so, will find that they have help going through the challenging times ahead. And the “Higher Power” (or who I will now start calling-God) will provide you with a reward for doing so. This reward will usually be in another world and time.

These benefits will be better explained through your religion if you have one. I strongly suggest you acquire one. If you would like a suggestion; I would like to suggest that you look into the Christian faith.

But the important factor is that you improve your relationship with your God, so that you will have the help you need to go through the challenges you will have in the future. And this relationship will offer you a future after you should cease to exist on this world.

But all of this is a tremendous amount that would have to change in order for all our current future to change. What’s going to happen if it doesn’t?


About georgehach

I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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