8 If it doesn’t change

8 If it doesn’t change

Although the changes I proposed are possible, they are not likely. Therefore it is probable that the worldwide drought will continue over the next decade or century.

Turing the relatively near future, the drought will continue to expand. And as conditions continue to decline, the people in the worst areas will have to take actions to survive. These will no doubt include moving out of the dying areas into areas where the draught is not yet as severe. This will speed up the drought in those areas.

All kinds of survival plans will be initiated by individuals and/or nations. This will cause more wars for territory to take place. This will cause more decline, until one of the parties start to use nuclear weapons and that will bring an end to most of humanity.

In the mean time, societies will go into decline, financially, law and order , educationally and all aspects of society. Famines will develop around the world. Food and water will cease to be available. Humans will die by the millions.

Animals and plants will continue to lose ground. And as a result Oxygen will continue to decline. When the oxygen declines enough, the world will end as far as humans are concerned.

The only help for the human race will be if God steps in and takes unilateral action. If He chooses not to act it would be His choice. A few humans will try to hang on by going underground or by going on space craft into space. This will only by a small amount of time.

For those humans who are Christians, they have a future in heaven to look forward to. But it is my belief, after over 50 years of study, that only those Christians that learned to truly love their God with their whole heart, mind and spirit will join him in a heavenly love fest.


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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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