Geneva Lake, White River in Wisconsin Affected by Drought

Geneva Lake, White River in Wisconsin Affected by Drought

November 27, 2012 By Jan Giovannetti

Geneva Lake, Wisonsin

Geneva Lake levels in Lake Geneva, WI, have fallen to some of the lowest in recent memory due to this year’s drought.  The White River, the only outlet from the lake, is suffering too.  Lake levels are regulated by the Geneva Lake dam, spillway and millrace east of the Riviera, near Donian Park.  The dam has been managed by the Geneva Lake Level Association, a nonprofit organization, whose board consists of representative of the four communities who surround the lake – The City of Lake Geneva, Town of Linn, Village of Fontana, and Village of Williams Bay.  In 2003, the Department of Natural Resources granted a permit to replace the aging dam, with a requirement to release a specific amount of water into the White River, for the purpose of protecting a 300 meter stretch of the river just east of the dam which does not get supplied by groundwater.In July, the DNR directe a release of water which the GLLC maintains will be detrimental to Geneva Lake.  The organization cites difficulty of boats exiting the Abbey Marina, possible shifting of pier cribs due to the force of the ice cover this winter and overall decline in the appearance of the lake which may adversely affect local hotels, restaurants and businesses, the major economic force of this area.  Representatives from the DNR and GLLC met October 23rd and are hoping to determine if and how much water will be realeased into the White River.  The lake is .8′ from its 12-year average for winter levels.

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