Disappearing water

The disappearing reservoir: Nasa timelapse reveals how 15 years of climate change and overuse have transformed Lake Powell

  • A new Nasa video document changes in the northeastern reaches of Lake Powell between 1999 and 2015
  • At the beginning of the series in 1999, water levels were relatively high, and the water was a clear, dark blue
  • Today, the reservoir at Arizona-Utah border is 45 per cent below ‘full pool’ capacity due to West’s water crisis

Published: 23:29 GMT, 16 June 2015 | Updated: 00:09 GMT, 17 June 2015

Lake Powell, a meandering reservoir that sits along the border between Arizona and Utah, is a striking reflection of the West’s water crisis.

The lake is currently 45 per cent below its capacity, and a severe drought has left a ‘bathtub ring’ at the bottom of its impressive rock formations.

Now, a timelapse from Nasa has revealed the astounding change that’s occurred to the lake in just 15 years as a result of overuse and drought.

View Pictures and Read More At: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3127176/The-disappearing-reservoir-Nasa-timelapse-reveals-15-years-climate-change-overuse-transformed-Lake-Powell.html?printingPage=true

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