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Global Drought Information System

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By the end of July 2015, the earth experienced little drought relief.  El Nino is present and each passing month there is stronger support for it to endure through the Northern Hemisphere summer and the at least until the end of the calendar year.  Some are anticipating it might be one of the strongest El Nino events on record.  In Europe, drought conditions intensified over the majority of the continent including all around the Mediterranean. Switzerland began transporting water to cattle in the south via helicopter due to the lack of rain in the past month or more.  In Asia, drought continues to be focused in the Southeast as well as around the Caspian Sea.  Indonesia is warning about the potential for failed crop harvests largely due to El Nino.   In Africa, drought intensified and expanded in the equatorial region and in the North.  Due to the drought, South African maize production is down an estimated 32%.   In North America, the monsoon brought some relief to the southwestern US while conditions in the northwest part of the continent intensified. In the United States, wildfire has burned nearly 5.5 million acres this season, nearly twice the 3.5 million acre average.  In South America, drought remains entrenched in Brazil and the Southern Andes and while not expanding much in area, has intensified in many locations.  Sao Paulo, Brazil is currently relying on emergency reserves of water and began rationing to extend the water supply.  In Australia, drought indicators point to a slight easing of conditions in the North while the Southwest is experiencing drought expansion.  The ongoing dry conditions have led to a large liquidation of the beef herd. 

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