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Hi! You have made the decision that you want to love God with your WHOLE heart, mind, spirit, and strength. And now you are trying to live that commitment day by day. Well one of the helps (grace) that your Lover God has provided you is His Training Plan for you.

This Training Plan is to help you to stick to your commitment. He does this through three main approaches:

1.Challenges. Challenges are those parts of your life where you have to go through a period of difficulty, suffering, etc.. These periods are for the purpose of showing you that you cannot control your life on your own. You are forced by circumstances to depend on your lover-God.
2.Assignments. Assignments are those situations where you are asked by your lover-God to use the gifts He has given you to help others or accomplish something for him. This builds your love, appreciation, etc.
3.Waiting Periods. Waiting Periods are those periods in your life where nothing much is going on in your life. This period is to develop your trust in your lover-God..

And of course there are the day by day lessons you will learn while under his control. Also you will learn the many things He will teach you through the many support areas he will provide you:

•The Bible. I strongly recommend that you acquire a “Bible.” There are many versions of the Bible. I would recommend a “Life Application Bible. Then take time to read portions of it on a regular basis. And be sure to study the supplementary notes.
•The Church and Large Group meetings (e.g. Sunday worship). There will be sermons, songs, prayers, etc.. All of these will feed you helpful information.
•The Church’s Small Groups-These will help you to see how others are relating to their relationship with God.
•Internet support tools. There are many tools available to you including blogs and online courses.

All of these and others will help you to stay on the course of being committed to Loving God on earth and for eternity.


About georgehach

I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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