Hi! I’m back! I would like to share with you something that may help you with the initial commitment to your Lover-God and a periodic renewal of that commitment. I wrote this to help me, maybe it will help you:

Training Program Commitment and agreement with your Lover-God.

God, my lover, to whom all hearts should bee open including my own, all your desires should be a priority to me. No secrets can be kept from you. Guide the thoughts of my heart, by the inspiration of thy Holy Spirit, that I may perfectly and wholly love, and glorify you.

Fellow children of God, the Christian way of life to which I am COMMITTED is provided me in order to assist me in order to assist me to graduate from His training program so I can join Him in a eternal love fest. Within this life I have entered, I have been placed into this training program with my trainer and Lord-Jesus Christ, making him my guide and teacher.

On my side the training program is God’s Promise to fulfill in and with me His love. That His love exist I am sure, for I have known God’s guidance and love in my life, day by day.

On the other side I stand pledged to live no more as a Child of Earth, but to live in love of God who has loved me and has provided Jesus Christ; as my perfect model. I have been called to serve within that shared love so that your kingdom shall be fulfilled.

Let me then, remembering the guidance of my lover-God and the hope of my graduation to the eternal lovefest and, considering all that this agreement means, may I commit my self anew to God.

Let me adore and worship the God of “Shared Love” who created me with and who every moment of my life loves and sustains me; who has loved me with an everlasting love, and given me the light of thee knowledge of divine glory due me at my graduation.

I also acknowledge thee to be my Lord and God. I acknowledge that I am your Servant to your children.

Let me glory in the guidance of our brother Jesus Christ; who though he is also God and loves me, yet for my sake became man; who was tempted in all points like as I am; yet who was obedient to God, even the death of the cross; rose from the death; who provided me with help going through the training program. He is the way, the truth, if only if I will accept it.

Let me rejoice in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, also my God, and giver of my day by day guidance. Through following that guidance I will have a better Quality of Life. Through the obedience to that guidance I am born into the family of God. Being a member of this family the wisdom I learn teaches me and the families power enables me to make that all important decision to join the family in the everlasting lovefest.

O Lover-God who has shared love with me through al the years of my life, I give thee thanks for thy loving kindness which has provided me with my daily needs and brought me to this time and place..

Thou hast given me life and a purpose, to help bring your kingdom to the greatness it deserves, and set me in a world which is full of thy love. Thou has comforted me with Christian brothers and sisters, and ministered to me through my Christian family.

Thou hast set in my heart a love for thee, and given me trust in you. Thou has cared for me and called me to a high calling as your lover and child. Thou has given me a place in your eternal love-fest.and also a place within your Christian family in the church.

In darkness thou will be my light, in adversity and temptation a rock of strength, in my joys the very spirit of joy, in my assignments and challenges your help.

Thou hast remembered me when I have forgotten thee, followed me even when I fled from thee, met me with forgiveness when I turned back to thee. For all thy long patience and the abundance of thy love; I praise thee, O Lover-God.

Let me now examine myself before you Lover-God, humbly confessing my failures. Help me to watch over and be committed to thy “Shared Love”, lest by self-deceit I shut myself out of my love of you and following your plan and training program for me.

O Lover-God, who hast set forth this training program for me in order to provide instruction by thy beloved Son: I confess with shame my slowness to learn from His training, my reluctance to trust him. Thou hast spoken and called, and I have not giv en heed; thy love hath shown forth, and I have been blind; thou hast stretched out thy hands to me through others in need, and I have passed them by. I have taken great benefits with little thanks; therefore I have been unworthy of thy never ending love – but you still continuing loving me.

Forgive me when I have wasted your help or misused your gifts to me. Forgive me wherein I have excused my own wrongdoing or evaded my responsibility. Forgive me that I have drawn back from my cross of complete commitment to the shared love you have provided me.

Forgive me that so little of thy love had been passed on to others through me, and that I have not completed my challenges and assignments as well as I should.. Forgive me wherein I have cherished the things that divide me from you and others, and wherein I have been thoughtless in my judgments, hasty in condemnation, grudging in forgiveness.

Have mercy upon me, and forgive me, O Lover-God; if I have made no ventures in friendship if I have kept in my heart a grievance against another, if I have not sought reconciliation, if I have been eager for the punishment of wrongdoers and slow to seek their return to the family of God.

This is the message I have received and proclaim to you Lover-God that I accept you, God of everything in my world and life, as my only God; rejecting all other gods in my life. I also proclaim that you, my God, are my lover, in whom all life is made complete. If I walk in your guidance and love, as your lover and child, I will have an eternal love-fest.

And now, let me bind myself with a TOTAL commitment to my training program and agreement with you my lover-God; and take the yoke of servanthood given by Jesus Christ upon me. This taking on of the Christian yoke and training program upon me means that I have completely accepted what ever it will take to graduate. The power to complete these challenges is given to me in your love, which strengthens me.

Therefore let me make this committed agreement with you, my lover-God; my whole purpose for existence. Being thus committed, lert me now, in sincere dependence on God’s love and trusting in the training process provided me, I therefore WHOLLY yield myself to this agree4ment and love.

O Lover-God, who has called me through Christ to be a partaker in God’s plans for me: I take upon myself with joy the yoke of ob obedience, and engage myself, in love of thee, to seek and ,


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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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