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By now you should be getting a good understanding of the basics of the “Shared Love” concept.  So let us now start to delve into the basics.  Where better to start; than to better understand our guide and teacher: Jesus Christ, and how he impacts us in our daily living and how he uses that impact to learn about our decision we must make and how to further develop that decision and make it more meaningful.

I am assuming that, by now, you have joined a local Christian church.  If so, you will be fed there with many of the basics of your relationship with Jesus.  I am going to try to supplement that teaching with some helps that I have found.  I will use some of my daily prayers to be the basis for what I will share with you.  Here is the first:

Prayer to Jesus.

Jesus, may your holy name be on my lips and in my heart and mind today.  Just recalling your name fills my spirit with a feeling of peace and love all its own.  “Jesus” is so simple a name, yet so majestic.  Given you by the Father, it is adored by those who have gone before me into your eternal lovefest. It is sung in heaven by the angels.  With your precious name on their lips  and courage through the shared love  your children graduate to that same love fest.  Mary and Joseph, his earthly parents, had only to call “Jesus,” and you came.  I too am privileged to call you by this same name.  That is how great your love for me, how deep your friendship and compassion!  Through my efforts, may all honor and glory go to you.

I think that this prayer has given you a good start in fleshing out your relationship with Jesus Christ and the guidance and modeling He has done to help you to develop your life to what your Lover-God wants from you.

Prayer of Jesus and Peace.

Jesus, we live in a world that is constantly threatening our peace.  We are surrounded by distractions and fears – temptations that are capable of destroying our peace.  You are the only security we have in our defense, for our protection.  Give us your peace.  Fill us with that trust in your proven love for us, so that we won’t be afraid, that we can face any danger.  We know that our own strength, our own confidence, is not enough.  We rely only on you, and we trust completely in you, so that we can always possess your peace deep in our hearts.  Amen.

In that prayer you see that not only do you have your lover God being with you through difficult times, but you have Jesus Christ helping you also.

End of Day Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, in whose saving name there is forgiveness and peace, grant to us and to all Christians everywhere the personal peace that the world cannot provide.  Your peace which passes all understanding.  Heal the hurts of Your people and mend the differences that divide them by the power of Your Word.  Help us, as much as it lies within us, to live peaceably with all our fellow human beings.  Increase our faith in the peace with God You have established for us by Your death and resurrection.  Amen.

 If you need to be involved with forgiveness, that was a prayer for you.

Prayer of Thanks to Jesus

We thank You, Lord Jesus, that You are our Companion, Guide, and more.  We render Your praise for the love that flows from Your heart.  We rejoice in Your blessings on our home.  Prompt us to extend love and aid to one another.  Forgive us all that has been contrary to Your Word and will. we pray.  Abide with us now and always.  Amen.

This shows one place to get help.

Plea for Outreach.

Lord Jesus, You have commissioned us to bring Your “Shared Love” to all nations.  When our work has been only halfhearted, forgive us.  Stir the hearts of Your people to a deeper concern for those still in spiritual darkness and without hope.  Let the joy of our “Shared Love”  move us, as individuals and as congregations, to send and support people who are reaching out in love.  Sustain and bless them and their families as they live and work to spread your “Shared Love” which is the only hope for this world.  Enable us to reach out with our love for You and so draw others to You for eternal love.  Amen.

We need to share our love.

Prayer for the Family.

Lord Jesus, we live in an anxious world.  we move so fast and are torn by so many needs.  Our lives are out of balance.  I pray on behalf of all families – breathe into us Your breath of life, the abundant life that comes only through You.  A life that is filled with joy, oneness, and hope.  Let your presence fill each heart so that the home is a loving place, where Your “Shared Love” can bring help.  May the home be a place where the light of the Holy Spirit offer hope for those in trouble.  To this end, I ask that each home be a fortress in which Your “Shared Love” can shine in their lives and spirits..  Amen.

There is a place to run to, to get help in coping with Life’s challenges.

For Protection against Temptation.

O Jesus, whom to follow is to live a life of spiritual adventure, whom to trust is to love the unlovable, be with us today as we seek to share love with you.  May we be aware of Your expectations of us as well as your help and power, which empower us to live according to  Your will.  Forgive us when we fail.  Loosen the grip the world has on us.  We pray that in our speaking, thinking, and doing we bring praise and honor to You.

Gracious Jesus, in Your love You came among us to take on our flesh, our failures, our sorrows, and our death.  In Your goodness You endured for us the temptation of the devil, the lure of the world, and the longing of the flesh.  You were tempted in every way just as we are, only you did not give in to the temptations. Give Your strength to us who are weak and frail in every time of temptation.  Give us your courage to those who fear the opinion of others more than we fear hurting our loving relationship.  Give us Your resolve to those who give in easily to our selfish desires.  Deliver us from every temptation; in every failure compassionately give us help to seek Your “Shared Love.”  Amen.

Great help there.

Prayer For Our Enemies.

Loving Lord Jesus, while we were yet Your enemies, You died for us.  You came among us, endured our rejection and rebellion, and suffered our abuse and hatred.  Yet all the time You loved us and willingly paid the price of our failures to love You, our reconciliation, and our restoration to Your eternal lovefest.  Show us Your love now so that we can deal with those who hate us, despise us, mistreat us, reject us or speak ill of us.  Give us faith to endure, in patient trust in You, the hatred of our enemies, until you give us relief, that Your love and compassion may b e made manifest through us.  Grant that the Word of Christ may turn the hearts of our enemies, that they may walk with us before You in quietness and peace.  Amen.

I hope that what I have covered will be of help to you in improving your Shared Love” relationship.


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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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