God the Father

In this course, we have put our emphasis on God the Lover.  But you need to understand that God’s love is not like a earthly lover; but like a Father.  So let us take a look at how God the Father impact’s us through some of my prayers:

Prayer for Absent Ones.

Dear heavenly Father, we are living in a interesting time, with so many technical advances that people living 100 years ago would be astounded by what has taken place.  But these advances have upset the close-knit family life of past generations.  Thus we pray that You would bless our loved ones who are absent from our midst.  Keep them safe and guide them.  Send Your holy angels to watch over them and bring them safely to be with us whenever possible.  Amen.

He’s involved with our family.

Morning Brayer

Lord God, Heavenly Father, we raise our voices to You in humble gratitude for Your gracious protection during the past night.  Help us to live day as your lover and child, so that all we think, say, and do may please You.  To You we commend ourselves, our loved ones, and all who call You Lord.  Keep us in the true Christian faith.  Let your Holy Spirit draw us even closer to You as You draw us to our eternal lovefest..  Alert us to the opportunities this day to bear witness to the truth by our words and deeds, so that by our testimony and life others may find the way to the eternal lovefest.  Amen

A good way to start the day off on the right foot.

Evening Prayer

Heavenly Father, there is so much around us that is not good and that causes us to worry..  When night comes, we may be frightened by the enveloping darkness with its uncertainties and dangers.  Do not let fears or anxieties trouble our hearts.  You have promised that nothing can separate us from Your love.    In our weakness Your strength is made perfect.  We place all our worries and weakness Your strength is made perfect.  We place all of our worries and concerns into Your gracious hands.  Keep us and all our loved ones safe from all harm of body and soul.  Amen.

​Night time can be a challenge.

Mid-day Prayer.

Heavenly Father, this too is the middle of the day that You have made.  Let us rejoice in it as we live, love, and share the love of God through word and action.  As we progress through this day, help us to live each and every moment with the awareness of Your presence and the assurance that Jesus Christ is our Defender, Trainer, and Friend.  Open our eyes to the opportunities to share Your love in every part of our world.  Guided by Your Son and enpowered by Your Spirit, we are equipped to face every challenge.  Help us to serve and love You each and every day.  Amen.

​Keeps you going on the right path.

Student Prayer

Dear Lover God and Father, whose work of creation was majestic beyond compare, we praise You for the opportunity to work in Your vineyard today.  Forgive our failures, greed, and our materialistic attitude.  Fill our hearts with “Shared Love” so we may desire to serve and share with each other.  We pray that talented young men and women be moved to follow your calling for full-time work in Your church, the family of God.  Bless our schools and seminaries as they prepare Your servants.  At the end of life’s labors, may we hear You say, “Well done, good and faithful servant!  Enter the lovefest of your Lover-God.  Amen.

He does need graduates.

Sunday morning Prayer.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for this first day of the week.  You have called us out of darkness into the marvelous light of Your love through the guidance of Jesus Christ.  Prepare our hearts as we gather in churches across this world.  Let us hear Your Word and Holy Communion.  Unite our hearts with You and let us hear Your Word with joy and by your Holy Spirit’s power apply it to our lives, that we may live as Your children.  And bless our toil, our rest, and our pleasure as we go forth.  Amen.

Friday Evening Prayer

Our Lover-God and Father, at the close of this week’s activities, we consider what it has meant in our various callings to be Your children.  We confess we may have fallen short of what you desired of us.  In Your help and mercy, forgive us and guide us to re-evaluate our goals and purposes so that they confirm to Your Word.  Grant wisdom and power in our land to overcome evil, injustice, and all that is destructive.  Help all to live with sincere honesty and integrity.  Hear the prayers of the sick.  Send us to care for the aged and handicapped, to be friends to the Friendless.  Grant us a restful night and a kingdom driven tomorrow.  Amen.

When Unemployed

​O Lover-God, Father in heaven, You have been my help in days past.  Turn not from me now as I search diligently to find honest employment.  Surely you do care for me and those who depend on me.  Lead and direct me as I try to find work in keeping with my ability.  Forgive me all my past failings and let me find peace in You.  Keep me hopeful, cheerful, courageous, patient, and confident.  Teach me to face each day with hope.  Let me not doubt Your promise to supply me with daily bread, as I pray.  Hear the cry of my distressed heart and restless mind.  Amen.

Prayer for Those Who Preach and Teach

Father, You have always called faithful people to proclaim God’s “Shared Love” to the world.  We thank You that Your Spirit works through those who preach and teach.  Open our hearts and minds so that we may hear their message with joy.  Help their ministry.  Strengthen them so they may always be models of the new life in Your “Shared Love.”.  Continue to call faithful Christians into the preaching and teaching ministry, so that every soul may hear about Your “Shared Love.”  Amen.

Prayer for Contentment.

Heavenly Father, we are bombarded by advertising that encourages us to buy, buy, buy!  these invitations are before us on television, internet, billboards, and in printed media.  We are tempted to feel dissatisfied, disadvantaged, and lacking in necessary things for life.  You have said, O Lord, that we should be content if we have food and clothing.  Help us to find this satisfaction, Lord.  Teach us that true contentment is found only in You, that the blessings You give truly satisfy.  Instill in us the understanding that the things that You give will last forever.  Give us strength to help others also to find this true peace in You.

For a Right Perspective in Life.

We have trouble, heavenly Father, in maintaining  a right understanding of life.  Help us always remember that we are to love You more than anyone or anything else.  Our world is an impersonal one of “bottom  lines” and “{latest models.”  Our lives go by, and we find time and energy chasing that which has no lasting value.  Help us , Lord, so that we do not destroy what is most important of all – our relationship with you..  Enable us to bring order out of the chaos around us and to see that in You alone there is forgiveness, love and peace, and that next to You our loved ones are the greatest gifts You have given us.  Amen.

For the Homeless.

Gracious heavenly Father, whose incarnate Son had no place to lay His head, look with compassion on all who are without homes.  Be the Father of the homeless children, move us to provide them with the food and shelter they need.  Be the Great Physician of those of us to provide the care and help they need to live in dignity.  Watch over those who are homeless through sinful choices; call them to repentance that they may live productive lives.  Defend those who are homeless through calamity or trouble; help us to look upon them in mercy, showing them the loving compassion You have shown the world.  Amen.

A Prayer in Retirement

Merciful heavenly Father, every good gift comes from You for many years and You have always heard and answered my prayers.  In Your Son, Jesus, You fulfilled my deepest needs.  Now Father, I ask for Your blessing  on my retirement.  Give strength and purpose to my days by the power of Your Holy Spirit.  Open opportunities for me to show love and service to those in need, to pray for those unable to pray for themselves.

We thank you Heavenly Father, that You watch over and guided us all the days of our lives.  Thank you for giving meaning to our times – learning in youth, laboring in adulthood, leading in maturity.  Grant to all who have retired from their labors opportunities to share the wisdom they have gained throughout life and the joy they have received from You.  Give to all persons the help to appreciate the elders among us and honor their continuing contributions.  Bless the retired with renewed ourpose and faith to serve You in new ways.

As you can see our Heavenly Father has the biggest influence on our lives.


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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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