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One of the most important factors in fully understanding “Shared Love” should impact you, comes from being an active member of a church and appropriate small groups.  Let us take a look at how the church should be impacting you; through taking a look at m ore of my daily prayers:

Prayer for Those Who Preach and Teach

Father, You have always called faithful people to proclaim Your “Shared Love” to the world.  We thank you that Your Spirit works through those who preach and teach.  Open our hearts and minds so that we may hear their messages with joy.  Help us overlook their human shortcomings and support their ministry.  Strengthen them so they may always be models of the new life taught by Christ.  Continue to call faithful Christians into  the preaching and teaching ministry, so that every soul may feel the love which you provide us.

For Spiritual Awakening in the Church

Lord Jesus Christ.  You promised to send Your Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth.  We pray with a sense of urgency that You pour out Your Holy Spirit in rich measure upon all  those in Your church.  Move people everywhere who believe in Your “Shared Love” to respond to the power and influence of Your Spirit, remembering that we have been sharing that love.  We pray for a revival of faith and love.  Give to Your people a deeper faith and a greater zeal for Your mission/plan for us.  Fill us with true love for Your Word and a hopeful expectation for Your return in glory.  In these last days energize us as never before with Your Spirit to carry Your Gospel to everyone.  Amen .

Prayer for the Church

Lord, we come before You with loving hearts, pleading for your guidance through Jesus Christ, Your Son.  At this moment we confess those failures by which we have brought injury to Your church – by our silence when we should have spoken and by our loveless words when we should have kept silent.  May we pursue peace and harmony in the church and with all people.  Lead us into the paths of love.  You have entrusted to us  the precious Gospel.  Now empower us to share it with others that through the power of the  Holy Spirit, Your church may grow.  We ask for Your mercy and love.  Amen.

For Our Pastor

O wise and generous God, you have given Pastor(s) _________ to us to be our shepherd(s) and to proclaim to us Your lively and life-giving Word.  We thank You for Your gifts.  Keep him (Them) faithful to his (their) calling, focused on proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ for us.  Defend him (them) against all temptations so that we may see in his life (their lives) Your Life.  Lead him (them) by Your Spirit to turn to You in prayer at all times, to boldly confess Christ and to fearlessly oppose all falsehood that denies Your Word of love, that Your kingdom may be extended.  Amen.

For Our Congregation’s Outreach

O gracious Lord, who seeks to save all people and who, on the Mount of Olives, commissioned Your disciples to go into all nations with the Gospel, enliven us through the power of Your Spirit to look constantly for and to make good use of opportunities to minister to those who need Your “shared Love” and help through Jesus Christ.  Give us willing hearts and minds to make use of the encounters we have from day-to-day that Your appeal to faith and reconciliation with You may be made faithfully through us.  By the Wo9rd of Your Son, lovingly extend Your kingdom of love that Your church today may be of the same mind and spirit with the early church.

Lord the day is far gone, and every hour brings us closer to the end of all earthly things.  Help the members of our congregation feel the urgency of Your command to “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation”.  Open our hearts to generously support with our prayers and those serving on the mission field.  Give us the desire to make use of every opportunity to also bring Your Word to our friends and neighbors who do not know You.  Fill the people of our congregation with a spirit of unity in our reach so that our witness, blessed by the Holy Spirit’s help be effective in bringing the unsaved into Your kingdom.  Amen.

For Our Seminaries and Schools

Lord of all knowledge and wisdom, we pray for our Church’s seminaries and schools.  We pray that the faculty at these schools would teach completely and in harmony with Your Word, and that students would be diligent and conscientious in their studies.  Thank You for producing graduates who reflect the light of Jesus Christ in their speech and work, life and conduct. Provide for the needs of our Church’s seminaries and schools that they may fulfill the calling you have given them.  Grant us a deep appreciation for these educational institutions that You have given us for the sake of Christ, who is the provider of all wisdom and love.  Amen.

​I hope this lesson has  brought new insight to you concerning the Church.


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I am a retired Lay Minister, acting as a prophet for God to understand the end times that is comingg and how to prepare for it.
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