1-3-8-2-The Son of God

1-3-8-The Son of God

The principal theme of the Gospel according to Matthew is the Kingdom of Heaven.  The genealogy gives us the Promise of this kingdom.

Abraham was Christ’s ancestor chosen to receive the Promise of the Kingdom in the year 2000B.C.  Read carefully Genesis 17:5, 6.

What high office would some of Abraham’s descendents have to fill according to the promise?

Who is the first ancestor in the genealogy with the title of King?  Read Matthew 1:6

God had promised to Abraham that King (s) would come forth from him, not only one king.  Now here is something interesting: all 15 ancestors (starting with David were Kings, although they don’t appear with this title in the genealogy.

Draw in Red a box around Matthew 1:6-11 (in your Bible) to help you remember that all the ancestors in this period were kings.

Very good!  We have seen that after 1000 years God fulfilled the promise he gave to Abraham about the Kingdom.  However, David wasn’t the perfect fulfillment of the promise.  David sinned grievously; little by little his kingdom broke up.  Therefore it was a provisional kingdom.

In whom can we see the perfect fulfillment of the promise of the kingdom?

In spite of human sin, God promised David a firm and eternal kingdom.  Read Psalm 89:3-4.

What was the disaster which left the throne of David vacant, according to Matthew 1:12?

In 600B.C. the kings of the family of David had been so bad that God had to punish the kingdom for a while and the last king was carried captive to Babylon, leaving the throne empty.

Before Jesus was born, the throne of David was empty.  Of course, Herod the Great ruled as king in Palestine but he was NOT a descendent of David.

Read Isaiah 7:14 and 9:6-7.  On whose throne would Jesus sit?

How marvelous!  After 2000 years, God sent his own Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, the True King, to establish the kingdom of heaven, the perfect kingdom.

The fact that God had fulfilled his promise given to Abraham and David, in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, was a reason for great joy among the Christians.  This can be seen often in the psalms of praise and Bible messages.

In Matthew 1:18-25, we have seen that the Father of Jesus Christ was God and not Joseph, Jesus’ divine nature came from the Holy Spirit.  But Jesus also had a human nature which He received from his mother, the Virgin Mary.

Jesus Christ is the only person in the whole universe who had both a human and a divine nature.  He is truly God and truly man.

Read Ephesians 3:14 and 15, and Ephesians 4:6.  These verses teach us that in one sense, God is the Father of us All.  Therefore all human beings are sons of God in this general sense because God the Father has created them.  There are some who are sons of God in a special sense.  Those who are sons in a special sense are the people who have a special relationship with God after being born again by the Holy Spirit.  Read John 1:12 and 3:6-7.

We must go one step further and say that only Jesus is the Son of God in the Unique sense because he is the only person who has a divine and a human nature.  We therefore, call him “The only Son of God.”  Read Matthew 16:16.

In the following verses (Galatians 4:4-7) fill in the spaces with the word “Son” (Jesus Christ both Divine AND human son), with a capital letter “S” or “son”(s)” (human sons both special and general) with a small letter, according to each case.

“But when the time had fully come, God sent his born of a woman, born under law, that we might receive the full rights of .  Because you are God sent the Spirit of his into our hearts, the Spirit who calls but, “Aba Father!”  So you are no longer a slave but a .  Since you a . God has made you also an heir.”

Also Jesus is the only Son of God because He is the only person who existed before He was conceived in His mothers womb.  Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary.  Jesus has always existed with the Father because He is Immanuel.  Read Matt. 1:23.  Immanuel means .

Underline in Green the words in Matthew 1:23 “Immanuel” and “God with Us.”

Next draw a circle around Matthew 1:23 and write “G” in the margin by the side of the verse, also with green (“G” to remind you that Jesus is God.

What are the two names in Isaiah that especially reveal divinity?and.

To whom were these names given?  To a.

What did this name mean?

I don’t want to give the impression that because I [committed my career to the Lord,] God had somehow guaranteed my (professional) baseball success. He didn’t give me mastery over some great new pitch no one could hit. He didn’t magically speed up my fastball or slow down the opposing hitter’s swings.

But several beneficial things did happen as a result of committing my career to the Lord. From that day on, I knew I had to concern myself only with my own effort and then trust the Lord with the results. If those results were good, it would be great, if they were bad, I would still believe He wasn’t going to make His first mistake with me.

If God was ultimately in charge of my career as well as my life, I didn’t have to worry about what might happen as a result of my performance, because God was in charge of my future whether it was in baseball or not.

With that attitude, the gut-wrenching pressure disappeared. I felt a peace and a freedom I never felt before. All I had to do was give my best, and that’s what I did.

(From Major League Dad by Tim and Christine Burke)

Are you impatient to have your prayers answered immediately or to win easy victories over sin? Be patient and obedient to God’s directions for you. He will decide what is best for you. Take a step today, in faith, and trust God for another step tomorrow.

Let’s continue by looking at the title “Mighty God” which is found in Isaiah 9:6.  The Gospel according to John gives up more understanding of the title.

Read John 1:1 and leave your Bible open to the page.

Notice that each time “Word” appears in the text it starts with a capital letter as is done for the title of a person.

John 1:14 says; “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.”

Who is the Word?

Underline in Green “The word became flesh” in John 1:14.

Does John 1:1 say that Jesus started to exist when He was born of the Virgin Mary or that He existed before His birth in this world?

John 1:1 agrees completely with Isaiah 9:6 and Matthew 1:23 because it clearly states that the Word was

Jesus said “I AM” because He was

What one of God’s names did Jesus take as His own thus causing the Pharisees to try and stone Him for blaspheming?

Little by Little Jesus’ disciples began to realize that He was the ONLY Son of God; but it was the Resurrection that finally made this clear.

What did Thomas say to the risen Christ?  (Read John 20:28)

Did Jesus reject or accept these words?

The most important thing to note here is that Jesus did not reject this statement of His divinity.  Any other Jew would most certainly have denied it.  What did Paul do in a similar situation? (Read Acts 14:11-15)

Underline in Green the Words “My God” in John 20:28.

Draw a circle around the verse and write “G” in the margin (In Green).

Now let’s consider the second name which we have underlined in Isaiah 9:6.  The second name is Everlasting.  We will see how this is also fulfilled in the person of .

We can certainly say that the small child, the only Son of God, has a unique relationship with His Father, as Jesus Himself said in John 10:30: “I and the Father are .

Draw a circle in Green around the Verse, John 10:30, and write “G” in the margin.

Philip asked in John 14:8, “Lord show us the .  Jesus replied in John 14:9, “Anyone who has seen has seen the .”  Which of the names of the child in Isaiah 9:6 is supported by John 14:9?

Underline in Green the Words “Any one who has seen me has seen the Father” in John 14:9.

Draw a circle in green around the verse and write “G” in the margin.

In Colossians 1:15, Paul makes this marvelous truth clear when he says “He (that is, Christ) is the image of the invisible God.”  Men can not see the Father because He is invisible.  Who is the only person in whom we can see the Father?

Underline in Green the Words “He is the image of the Invisible God.” in Colossians 1:15.  Draw a circle in green around the verse and write “G” in the margin.

John wrote his gospel many years after the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ.  Read John 20:31.  For what reason did John write his book?

Take the time to memorize the Bible references which prove that Jesus Christ is God.  When you are talking to someone about your faith in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit will be able to use these verses.  Be sure that you can find them in your Bible without any trouble.

John 1:3 teaches that Jesus is the maker ofthings.

In Exodus 3:14, God tells Moses that His name is.”

Which one of the four Gospels would be the best one to use if you wanted to prove that Jesus Christ was God?

God gives us “the real life” through His Son, Christ. And only through His Son. Please get that straight. That’s the basis of the gospel. That’s why Christ is the pre-eminent message – Christ, and Christ alone, will give you the life of God, and He’s from outside this galaxy. He’s not within it….

Life from God is supernatural power now – not a vague force limited to a long time ago. You know, the greatest evidence of power is change. Take a trip to Hoover Dam and look at the massive amount of water; it’s really impressive. But you don’t say, “My! Look at that power.” What you see is not the greatest evidence of power. That’s just water going over a dam. If you want to see the evidence of power at Hoover Dam, you need to drive to a residential section in a nearby city that draws its source of electricity from the dam … walk into a darkened room in the middle of the night and flip on the light. In one simple “click” you’ve got the greatest evidence of the power at that massive dam. It’s able to change darkness into light. It’s able to transform a cold house into a warm home.

Now, the wonderful news is that God dispenses His supernatural power to anyone who says, “I want it. You don‘t have to pray a whole lot… “Whether you’re the richest of the rich, the poorest of the poor, or anywhere between, all you have to do is take a gift. And the gift is the power of God, through faith in His Son.

From Living on the Ragged Edge by Charles Swindoll)

God rewards his people for following through on what he says. Reflect on God’s help. Thank him today. Stretch your faith for tomorrow.


BIO:C.T. Studd

English missionary. C.T. Studd was the son of a wealthy man,
Edward Studd, who was converted to Christ under the ministry
of Dwight L. Moody in 1877. Young C.T. Studd became an excel-
lent cricket player, and at the age of 19 was captain of the
team at Eton. He attended Cambridge University from 1880 to
1883, and, while he was there, he also heard Dwight L. Moody
preach and was converted to Christ.
Shortly afterwards, he and six other students dedi-
cated their lives and their wealth to the Lord Jesus Christ
and offered themselves to Hudson Taylor for work in China.
They sailed to China in 1885. In 1888 Studd married. He con-
tinued to work for several years before bad health forced him
and his wife to return to England, where they turned over all
their property to the China Inland Mission.
Studd and his wife began to tour the world in order
to raise funds for missions. While in southern India, on one
of those tours, he found a suitable climate for him and his
wife. He served there six years, after which time he returned
to England to make plans to go to Africa.
In December of 1912 he left his family and was gone
for two years in evangelistic work on the Dark Continent. He
returned home for a short time, and then once again went back
to Africa for five more years. Mrs. Studd did not join him
until 1928, one year before she died.
Studd died in Malaga, Africa, in 1931.


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