The Battle-3

The Battle-3

The Battle of Control

One of the most frequent battles you will fight every day is the battle of who will be in control of your life.  You are born with the natural feeling that you are in control of the world around you.  You want what you want, when you want it, how you want it, from whom you want it, etc..  You soon find out that is not the way the world works.

The Physical world.

Your physical world, the world you can see, feel, touch, etc., soon shows you that you are not in control.  The world interacts with you when it wants, how it wants, by whom it wants, etc..  You, by your nature find it hard to believe that you are not in control.  You are sure that the reason that you are not in control is because you didn’t try hard enough.  So you keep trying harder and harder.  And all this trying leaves you more and more frustrated.

In Control

You slowly; but painfully, find that just maybe you are not in control.  You also find that you get more of what you want, by interacting with those who are in control in a way that will get you what you want.  You soon learn that if you smile, etc., gets you more than a temper tantrum.  Also you soon learn that actions that appear to be negative to others often gets you negative consequences.

Those who fail to learn these lessons, very soon learn that the physical world do not like them much.  They soon learn that they are very lonely people who can not love others and be  loved by others.  They also learn that material things will give them temporary pleasure; but it soon fades.  The only answers, appear to be that they need more and more.

This striving for more and more soon drags down their physical world.  Their physical and mental health goes negative.  Their relationships go negative, and produce all kinds of negative results.  They soon find that they either change or others will take over control of their lives.

Others in control

Those who learn early in their physical life, that they need to turn over control to others of their lives soon experience more love of others and soon learn to love others.  They soon learn that this is a better way to live.  Their physical and mental health are usually better.  Their relationships are better and they find more peace in their life.  The quality of their life is better.

But one thing that will always still bother them, is what is this physical world all about?  What is the purpose of the world and the individual.  There will always be a sense of there has got to be more than love and the physical world.  They delve into the creative, educational, relational and many other areas.  None of them will truly satisfy their yearning.  There has to be more?

The Spiritual World

Many individuals eventually realize that there has to be more then the physical world.  This alternate world is called by many as the “spiritual world.”  Once they realize that there is an alternate world, they soon find that there are many benefits within this spiritual world.  But just as in the physical world; there is also a battle that goes on for who is in control of the spiritual world: The individual or others.  When the individual is in control, negative things happen.  When someone else is in control, negative things still happen, but your spiritual health is better.

But once you resolve the control issues (covered in other lessons) you will still face the battle of who should be in control.  The difference is that you have power now to fight the battle and win.  You have spiritual weapons to fight this battle.  That is what we will cover in the rest of this article.

The Spiritual Battle.

Battles in the physical world are fought over control of territory.  Battles are fought in the spiritual world over control over individuals.  Which-ever way the battle goes (positive/God – negative/Satan) that side becomes stronger in the life of that individual.

Since God created the individual as His child and lover who He wishes to share love with; forever in eternity.  God wants to win; but since He loves the individual so much He wants the individual to choose loving Him instead of loving self, He will not force the decision.  Instead He will give the Individual the opportunity to work out the decision through his/her free will.  Each battle fought has the potential to strengthen the “Shared Love” relationship; depending which way it goes.

The battle plan.

Satan’s plan is to convince the individual; that he/she has a lot to lose in this temporary physical world by going with God’s shared love and that he/she has much to gain in this temporary physical world if he/she comes over to Satan’s side.

God’s plan is to show the individual that Satan is right, but that it is only a temporary win or loss.  God wants us to concentrate on loving Him so much that we want to spend eternity sharing that love.  Because Satan’s world is temporary and God’s world is permanent.  We have to be certain of our decision because eternity is a LONG time.  There are no changes when we pass from the physical world to the spiritual world.

God allows these battles to help us make that permanent decision.  Each battle strengthens us either on the positive or negative side of that decision.  It’s to important to Him.

If we do not choose to love Him with our WHOLE heart, mind, spirit and strength we would be miserable in heaven for eternity.  Everybody else would be sharing love with God and we would not. So He provides us the battles to strengthen our commitment to either side.

Individual battles

I have highlighted in other lessons, how we put on God’s weapons for us to fight these battles.  So I will not cover them in this lesson.  But needless to say, with these weapons you will win most of your battles.  Without them, you will lose most of the battles.  The most important weapon is the bullet-proof vest (your commitment statement you made when you turned over control of your life to Him).  This vest is what allows you to win more than you lose.

This vest is basically the Holy Spirit coming into your mind and spirit and providing you with the guidance you need to fight the battle and win.  When you choose to not allow God to have control (free will) over your life, He loves you too much to force you to stay with Him, so He removes the Holy Spirit from your mind and spirit.

Satan will try to convince you to change sides with or without the Holy Spirit’s help.  The difference is the wins and losses.

The other weapons (prayers and readings) will help you win the battle, but without the Holy Spirit your chances of winning are very slim.  The prayers and readings help you remember why you are fighting the battle, and what resources you have to fight the battle with.

Battle resources

Part of the battle is choosing which side is which in the heat of the battle.  That’s why in the physical world soldiers wear uniforms, and why soldiers study what their resources look like as well as what the enemies resources look like.  The spiritual battle soldier needs to have studied the Bible to know what God’s resources look like, and have studied through His/her association with other Christians; what Satan’s resources are.

The battles are fought by knowing which are which.  Thereby using/doing the right things.  The other side will always try to convince you that their resources are better.  That’s why we must be trained to fight these battles.  This is what our courses are all about, so you know the truth.

And the questions and “Homework” assignments are there so that you get some practical training.  Do them and use them.

What Value to Win

You may still be asking yourself the question; “Why do I really need to win these Battles?”  Well here are a few reasons:

  • It’s usually the “right” thing to do, offering the best long term results here on earth.
  • It usually gives you a sense of peace and feeling like you did the right thing.
  • Usually your Quality of Life is improved.
  • Your loving relationships are usually better for it.
  • Your eternal relationship is better for it.
  • You can usually sleep better because of it.


I think these are some good reasons to feel good about fighting the “good fight’ and winning.


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