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2-3-9-1-Discipling 2-3-9-1-Discipling (James 2:14-17)”My brothers, what good is it for someone to say that he has faith if his actions do not prove it?  Can that faith save him?  Suppose there are brothers or sisters who need c… Go to … Continue reading

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December 4 Greatness

December 4 – Greatness Comes from controlling ambition To be great means keeping a close relationship with God, personally and “Sharing Love” with Him.  You have to keep your ambition under control.  You need to give God first place in … Continue reading

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December 3 – Good

December 3 – Good A loving God brings it out of bad circumstances No problem is too complicated for God if you are willing to let Him help you. How to live a truly good life Many people try to … Continue reading

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October 3 – Discrimination

October 3 – Discrimination Over who seems to Love God God loves people from ALL walks of Life: political activists, tax collectors.  He loves common people and uncommon leaders, rich and poor people, educated and uneducated.  Today many people think … Continue reading

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September 15 – Delay

September 15 – Delay Avoiding Procrastination Often we delay doing jobs that seem , large, difficult, boring or disagreeable.  But to continue putting them off shows lack of discipline, poor use of your lovers resources an in some cases, rejection … Continue reading

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1-3-11-1-The Birth of Jesus

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September 11 – Dedication

September 11 – Dedication What it means Today, our bodies and minds need to be committed to our Lover God and His plan for us. What Jesus, our Mentor an and guide expects from us What does Jesus want from … Continue reading

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September 8 – Curiosity

September 8 – Curiosity Don’t become curious about evil practices Sometimes curiosity can cause us to stumble.  Knowledge of evil is harmful if the evil becomes too tempting to resist.  To resist curiosity about harmful practices shows discretion and love. … Continue reading

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1-3-6-1-Bible Study

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September 3 – Courage

September 3 – Courage To face new situations and surroundings. Your “Shared Lover” God will go with you and take care of you.  When new situations and surroundings frighten you, recognize that facing fear is normal.  To be paralyzed by … Continue reading

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