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December 9 – Happiness

December 9 – Happiness Joy versus True joy is far deeper than happiness.  We can feel joy in spite of our strongest challenges.  Happiness is temporary because it is based on external circumstances, but joy is lasting because it is … Continue reading

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2-3-8-2-Senior Education

2-3-8-2-Senior Education 2-3-8-2-Senior Education   Senior Education.  If your teaching is to change lives it is essential that you identify with your students.   Go to this Sway

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December 3 – Good

December 3 – Good A loving God brings it out of bad circumstances No problem is too complicated for God if you are willing to let Him help you. How to live a truly good life Many people try to … Continue reading

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November 30 – Giving-up

November 30 – Giving Up Never Give up on God God’s rescue doesn’t always come the moment we want it.  Your Lover God has promised to bring results according to His Divine Plan, the right time had come.  God knows … Continue reading

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November 29 – Gifts

November 29 – Gifts Look for those God has given you Too often we see someone with a particular blessing and think that God must love that person more than others.  Think rather that God draws out in all people … Continue reading

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2-3-6-2-Education Approach

2-3-6-2-Education Approach 2-3-6-2-Education Approach Vary Your Approach.  Other teaching methods are valuable for the sake of variety Go to this Sway

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Prayer for strength

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November 28 – Gentleness

November 28 – Gentleness As love in action Gentleness is often overlooked as a personal trait in our society.  Power and assertiveness gain more respect, even though no one likes to be bullied.  Gentleness is love in action – being … Continue reading

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2-3-5-Angels 2-3-5-Angels        2-3-5-Angels-Peter Go to this Sway

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November 27 – Future

November 27 – Future Your present situation is training for the future You are currently learning how to love God and others.  What ever your situation , no matter how undesirable, consider it part of the training program for loving … Continue reading

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