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Dealing with Life
Coping with Life

George Hach

A place to go, for help in dealing/coping with the challenges of life through living as a Christian.

Copyright © 2013 by George Hach

Dealing with Life
By George Hach

Printed in the United States of America


All rights reserved solely by the author. The author guarantees all contents are original and do not infringe upon the legal rights of any other person or work. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without the permission of the author. The views expressed in this book are not necessarily those of the publisher.

Unless otherwise indicated, Bible quotations are taken from New International Version, Copyright © 1991 by Tyndale House Publishers.

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Table of Contents
“Welcome & Introduction”
Facing Challenges
Dealing with life
Getting started


Are you facing challenges in your life? Are you happy with your life? If not, read on. Well we would like to offer you some FREE help in dealing with them. We will provide you with guidance to live your life as a Christian. As a Christian you will develop a love affair with the creator and controller of this world we live in. Then as a result of that love affair we will show you how to improve the quality of your love affairs here on earth. Both of these love affairs will improve the quality of your life.
Who is in charge?
You can choose to live life under your control only. But everybody else will object. Or you can live within the rules that the rest of the world (Country, state, county, city, job, etc.) put in place. The trouble with doing that, is that it is very difficult. This happens because; there is a level of authority above all these. Some people call it society/culture/environment. We have to deal with the highest level.
Highest Authority
The level of authority that is the highest is the one who is responsible for the area of life you are dealing with. Since we are all living on earth; there needs to be some authority for the whole earth. I’m sure that you understand that someone created your watch, your car, etc.. Well what about the air you breathe, the water you drink, etc.. These were created also. Most people call this creator, God. He is the person you should get to know and have a love affair with.
Have you looked out the window today? Seen any nature, sky, people and a lot more? Why are they all out in the world and how did they get out there. Have you ever wonder how all these things keep going without chaos taking place. There must be some controlling influence on all of what is out in the world. If there is any sense to all of this, and you understood some of these answers; then you might be able to make some sense of all this. And then you could act more appropriately.
Love Affair
The Boss created this universe and all that is in it because He wanted something to be proud of. Once He created all of this, He wanted to share His pride with others. He created beings that we called angels. They were able to share and acknowledge the creators pride. The Creator then decided that He wanted to share all of this with someone who can also share love with Him. He then created human beings who can choose to share love with him. Once you acknowledge that there is a highest level of authority and you choose to follow His rules, you will find that most other circumstances start to make sense, and are part of an overall plan. Not one free from challenges but one that provides you with a love affair and a lover to go through the challenges with you.
Your lover God will provide you with guidance on how to live life the best you can and with the greatest level of peace possible. Being a lover of the highest level gives you a chance to join Him in an eternal love fest.
Purpose for Life
Love is putting the other person’s needs as more important than ours. We do this, because we are depending on our lover to put our needs as more important than theirs. This is what we call a loving relationship. In this loving relationship, we find purpose and fulfillment. The quality of our life is improved. But this improvement requires that we also develop a sense of trust in the relationship. And this sense of trust requires that we also turn over control of our lives to our lover. Human beings were created for the purpose of having a love affair with their Creator.
But to have a love affair with someone, you must love them. In order to love someone we need to see the value of this love affair that will make up for the fact that we need to put the other parties needs, desires, etc., above our needs, desires, etc., as more important. When we do put someone else’s requirements above ours, we can then receive the full value of the love affair. In the case of having a love affair with God we receive a lot of value.
With all the benefits we receive from the love affair, we can better face the challenges of life. We still will face the challenges of life, but they will deepen the love affair we are having with our lover God. This deepening of our love affair will also deepen the trust and then as a result of that trust, we will make the commitments needed in a love affair/marriage. This commitment reflects the trust that we have in our lover.
Just as we would do things for a human lover (like doing special things-cooking special meals, etc.). God asks us to do special things for Him. I choose to call these things assignments (like joining a community of other God lovers). This pleases our lover by sharing our love of Him with others. Nothing deepens human love more then when our lover does something for us . Also one of the best ways to show our love is to learn as much as we can about our lover and what our lover needs and requires.

On earth, in an attempt to have a good love affair, we make every effort (dates, sharing our life story, friends, etc.). Well in order to have a good love affair with the Boss over all, we need to make every effort to learn about our lover. We can do this by joining groups of like minded individuals: Christian churches, studying Christian media, etc.. If you are a book reader, you may want to get a Christian Bible. With God we need to study the Bible. Also there are many Christian web sites. All of these and more will help you learn about your lover God.

God Lover
On earth, we learn that in order to have friends/lovers we must be able to share time with each other. Well the same is true when you wish to have a love affair with the Boss. You will need to block out time to spend with your lover God. This time must include sharing your thoughts and feelings. It also should include a sharing of your needs which is called praying. And of course this time should include spending time learning about our lover God (e.g. reading the Bible, involvement with Christian friends).

One of the reasons our lover God wants us to participate in communities of lovers, is for us to see how they are applying His requirements put forth in the Bible. They are applying them to the daily challenges faced. And as a result of that , they can share how they were able to deal with life. One of the best ways to do this is to join small groups of these fellow lovers and participate in the sharing of life techniques. Make personal friends with those who are facing similar challenges and share with them. Also listen/watch Christian media.

Many of the love affair requirements are spelled out in a book called the Bible, which provides guidance on what these love affair requirements are along with the benefits. But the main requirement is to show our love by placing God’s requirements first and accepting that He is in charge of our life. He requires that we follow his guidance. In exchange for following these requirements we receive, love, guidance, hope, an eternal love fest, gentleness, and love affairs with other God lovers and much more.
Christian Media
There are many resources that you can utilize to help you build the love affair to the level that offers you the best benefits. Beside the Bible there is Christian TV networks (Up) / Programs, Music groups, Books, Videos, Christian Internet sites, Christian organizations, and a lot more. But the most important guidance you will receive will be what God’s guidance and plans for helping you make the decision to make the choice to commit the control of your life to His control and to share love here on earth and in the eternal love fest. But as a result of the changes in your life, you will find that your relations with other humans will improve.

When we focus on our needs and desires, we have no problem with using deception to improve our life. In God’s family, deception does not please Him or others and therefore it is not considered a good thing. Lying only benefits us and therefore not God and others. To deal with truth, places us in harmony with our God and others and is called being pure of heart. And following this approach leads us to a more joyful and peace-full life with a higher quality of life. When we practice deception, we set as a goal, happiness at any cost.

Other Humans
One of the most effective ways to deepen your love relationship is to join Christian Small Groups within a Christian church. These small groups will help you greatly. They will allow you to ask questions you may have. See how others are coping with the challenges of life. You will also acquire opportunities to learn about your lover God and how others deal with Him. These small groups will provide you with friends who can be a mentor for you. And all of these will deepen your relationship with your lover God.

You will find that if you follow God’s plans for control of your life and sharing love; that the same principles will work well with having relationships with others. You will better understand how to have a love affair, and how to deal with the control within relationships. Other factors like the gentleness you will develop. Also you will learn how to deal with forgiveness, one of the most difficult emotions to deal with. You will learn as part of God’s control of your life, you will learn how to avoid such bad emotions as envy, overeating, etc.. All of these benefits will help you realize the quality of life that the Creator of this world wants for you.

Our Example
God offers within the Bible an example of what he expects of us as his lovers – Jesus Christ. He was able to live the human life with all of its challenges and complete the most difficult assignments and still follow God’s requirements such as love, hope (looking forward to the eternal love fest), faith (believing in these requirements), etc. By joining a community of God lovers, you can see other humans trying to have that love affair, sharing his love, practicing the trust required, living with the hope for the future, etc. Let’s look at participating within a community of God lovers.

Strength without Feeling

The world of power, pride, and personal independence requires its followers to have strength without feeling to reach success and to maintain it. God’s love affair requires us to have mercy, which is putting God’s and others needs and desires and success over ours. So, whatever happens, in relation to others, is under our lover God’s control; so we accept it as part of His plan for us. We can then easily forgive others and what they do to us. Our joy comes from pleasing our lover and others. Therefore we can grant mercy to others. And by dong this we are successful. This leads us to dealing with lying/deception.

Weak Commitment
Weak commitments, causes much chaos in this world; because no one is sure what to expect. The world orientation is focused on personal success being pursued without the world’s needs and desires. God as our lover wants us to have personal peace through loving Him and others. When we do this we become peacemakers and offer the world an entry into the world of peace and love we are sharing. This brings us a better quality of life and truly helps us deal with the challenges of life.

As a lover of God you will receive power and blessings from your lover God. You will be a better person. One who has many good qualities, everything from being a Peacemaker, to one who is kinder and gentler. You will receive the blessing/power of the Holy Spirit to guide you in making good decisions about living your life in some special way, like: Wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, language, and more. All of these will help you reach out and help others.

Goodness is the action you take to want to do everything within your power to please your lover God. And as a result you usually please your family members in God and thereby receive a return of love by God and others. This frequently provides you with the results of the goodness that God and others do for you. Also by developing goodness you also usually are doing the good things that please the other levels of authority above you (country/employer, etc.) and below you (e.g. like children). The benefits there, are very helpful in your life. And as a result of all these and previously covered attributes of the Godly love affair is Joy.

Gentleness is a trait where you love a brother or sister in God’s family so much that you do not want to hurt them in any way that is not required for a higher benefit. This is much like when a parent takes a child to a doctor for necessary shots but also does everything in their power to help the child get through the difficult situation sharing as much LOVE as possible. This helps the other party get through the difficult challenge as easy as possible and with as much help that you can offer. Gentleness is also displayed in your tenderness. As a result of these actions you get to share other benefits like Goodness.

One of the most important and the most difficult actions is to develop the trait of humility (letting the other party in a love affair into and have control of your life). Humility is putting into action the requirement of love that the needs and requirements of the other party is more important than yours and accepting that you must let the other party into your life so that they can do the same. But one big difference in the love affair with God is that God also created other humans as your brothers and sisters. And as a result of that, He expects us to have a love affair with His other children. One of the benefits out of this is kindness.

“When you fully put in to practice the love of your human brothers and sisters, you develop the trait of kindness (wanting to please your Father/Lover God) by showing how you are sharing your common love through doing things that will satisfy the needs and requirements of your brothers and sisters in God’s love affair). And one of the other benefits that you will receive is the kindness of your brothers and sisters. in God’s family. Note that kindness does not require that you like the other party, only to love them by doing what you can to satisfy their needs and requirements if they also meet your lover God’s needs. This will develop gentleness also.

Joy is the pleasure you get from doing everything within your power to please your lover God and the result of all the benefits you receive from sharing that love. These benefits that have been covered in this book already and those to come, provide you with the joy of completion of the purpose you have been given by being given life. It is the equivalent of all the joy of all the other successes (graduations, etc.) rolled into one. And then you add what will happen in the future – the eternal love fest. With this joy you can deal with any other challenges you will face. This greatly impacts the quality of your life.

One of the greatest virtues you will acquire, by turning control of your life over to God is Patience. This is the ability to put the control of circumstances out of your control – much like when you were a student in a class or a member of a team. You just do what the next action you have to do, the best way you can and leave the results to the higher authority (e.g. teacher/coach). Life becomes something that you do the best you can and then move on to the next action. You are trusting your lover God to take care of you. You rest in His shared love, much as young lovers on their honeymoon. But Patience does require humility.

Happiness at any cost efforts lead us to focus on our desires and needs. This means that we will have to take it from someone else. If we are a lover of God, we focus on pleasing him. This means we get our pleasure from satisfying God not our-self. As a result we get our rewards now and mostly in the future as our eternal love fest. We are then freed to have peace in our life and how it is progressing. We can then also focus on being totally committed to our Godly love affair; instead of having weak commitments.

With all the benefits we covered, you would guess that there is something you have to pay. Yes, you have to change your attitude from things that satisfy your desires and are you oriented to an attitude of pleasing others. Love, is focusing on the other party in the love affair and is in direct opposition to such attitudes as Pride and personal independence. You still need to offer the best person you can be to the other party. But it is to please them, not yourself. This attitude is called poor in spirit. To achieve this you need to avoid the Power attitude.

Social Media
Social Media will allow you to keep in touch with your Christian friends and mentors. You will be able to share: coping with challenges, highlights of life, assignments, and a lot more. There will be opportunities to share such things as pictures, prayer chains, meeting times, and places, etc.. Also you can share videos on YouTube. There are countless web sites that offer everything from web small groups to online Bibles. Many of these sites are also available on your cell phones as applications. All of this will give you a sense of being part of a family of friends.

Christian Blogs
One of the ways you can get your questions answered is to access Christian Blogs such as mine. Quality of Life Ministries At my blog and others you will find additional material such as sample prayers, bio’s of people who have dealt with the challenges of life, Questions and answers, topical papers, and a lot more. You will find that all of these will deepen your love relationships and improve the quality of your life.

Large Groups
Do not overlook large group gatherings such as worship services, special speakers, Christian concerts, and a lot more. These activities will give you a chance to share with others how much you are in love with your lover God. It will show your pride in the love affair you have. It will also give you opportunities to make commitments to your lover; through such things as communion, baptism, attempts to serve, lead and a lot more. All of these will deepen your relationship with your lover.

One of the most valued benefits provided you will be the spiritual gift of hope. Hope is knowing that your lover God will be trying to do what is best for you within His plan for the whole earth. He will be with you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through whatever He needs you to go through. And you will always have the hope that the worst humans can do to you is to take your earthly life.. But that is the best that can happen to you, because you will be joining with your lover God in your reward- an eternal love-fest.

Personal Living
Just as with an earthly love affair, you will want to live with your lover. Well just as on earth, you need to invite your lover God to be involved with your life. Everything you do will be measured against how it will impact your lover God. You will find yourself talking with your lover-God when you get up and when you go to sleep. How you act and relate to everything else will be important. The friends you keep will be vital. The time you spend will be guided by what would please your lover. All of this will continue to deepen your love affair and improve the quality of your life.

The two worlds
At this point, you may be wondering why you cannot currently see your lover-God? Well that is because there is two different existences/worlds/universes. One is the physical world we live in currently called the earth and universe. The other is the spirit world, where God exists along with the eternal love fest. This is the existence that you will Join Him in; if you should choose to do. You can do that; because you were created in two parts: human body and as a spirit. The spirit is that part of you that will join Him. And is the part that has all the special capabilities that makes you different then the animals, like: creativity, reasoning, wisdom, love, etc. Your body exists only to help you make the decision. Once your body has completed the cycle of making that decision, it will cease to function here on earth or as we call it death.

The Example
One of the best ways we can learn how to function in this loving relationship with God is to look at the example He sent to earth. God knew that we humans were having a hard time understanding how we should live in that loving relationship. So He sent a part of Him down to earth to be an example of how we should live. And this example was documented in the Gospels within the Bible. So you need to make a special effort to study the gospels within the Bible. While there, you may notice that Jesus Christ, our example, also came to pay the penalties for doing the wrong actions that all people have done, hurting our loving God. This is called salvation, which has made it possible to have this loving relationship with God, even though we have completed actions that has hurt Him. That is what is called sin.

Our Guide
Once we make the decision to share love with God, He knew that we would need some special guidance on how we should live to fully enjoy the benefits we will receive. Well He sent another part of Himself that is called the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit can be with us at all times if we should so choose to permit Him, and to listen to His guidance. He is the portion of God that walks hand in hand with us through our life if we want that help. He will be in our mind and spirit providing guidance and help dealing with the challenges we will face. These challenges will strengthen and confirm our loving relationship. The Holy Spirit will use the resources that God has provided us, such as: the Bible, the church, Christian friends, etc. All of these will be available through the Holy Spirit’s help and our efforts to make use of them. So choose to use them.

Decision Time
On the earth, when we have fallen in love with someone and want to deepen that love relationship into a commitment to each other, we make that commitment official and binding by entering into the marriage arrangement. Well, in the love relationship with God, we also need to make a sign of commitment to our lover God. That sign of commitment is primarily the decision we make to place what our lover God’s requirements for us first and foremost in our lives. This means that what He expects of us, is more important then what the world expects of us along what our desires are. It means trusting Him to guide us and to care for us. It means putting control of our lives in His control. It means, depending on Him for our lives. We need to make that decision and commitment, before we end our earthly life cycle.

Getting Going
You have the benefits and requirements of making the decision to love the Boss, the Creator, and the Controller, with your WHOLE heart, mind, spirit and strength. Now it is up to you to decide whether this is something you want to do, to get those benefits. If you should choose to take this step now, I encourage you to do so now. You never know how long you have to make that decision. Once you have made that decision, you will need to start to do what was covered in this book and required. After you have done that you may start studying the Bible for what else your lover God wants you to do. God loves you and wants to share His love with you. Make the decision and commitment and share that love.

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