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Dedicated to my wife who has been my Inspiration.

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This book is calling attention to what could be the most serious challenge humanity has ever encountered. It could impact the future to a level not fully anticipated by humanity and this earth we live on. It deals with worldwide drought.

World Drought Monitor People


Maybe you may have noticed; that it has been dry lately:
• Little rain.
• Few tornados
• Few Hurricanes
• Above average temperatures
• Higher prices for food.
• And a lot more.
Well this dryness is called: Drought. OK, you may be wondering what Drought is: Here is what Wikipedia has to say about it:
Drought is an extended period when a region receives a deficiency in its water supply, whether atmospheric, surface or ground water. A drought can last for months or years, or may be declared after as few as 15 days.[1] Generally, this occurs when a region receives consistently below average precipitation. It can have a substantial impact on the ecosystem and agriculture of the affected region. Although droughts can persist for several years, even a short, intense drought can cause significant damage[2] and harm to the local economy.[3] Annual dry seasons in the tropics significantly increase the chances of a drought developing and subsequent brush fires. Periods of heat can significantly worsen drought conditions by hastening evaporation of water vapor.
OK, but to me it’s just pain dry. Let’s see what Science and Wikipedia has to say about what causes Drought:

Drought can be triggered by a high level of reflected sunlight and above average prevalence of high pressure systems, winds carrying continental, rather than oceanic air masses, and ridges of high pressure areas aloft can prevent or restrict the developing of thunderstorm activity or rainfall over one certain region. Once a region is within drought, feedback mechanisms such as local arid air,[9] hot conditions which can promote warm core ridging,[10] and minimal evapotranspiration can worsen drought conditions.

It seems to me, by this explanation: that drought is caused by a bad environment/weather. And the last time I checked, science and/or humans have not been able to control the weather and all we as humans can do is to cause the environment to go bad. So, maybe, there is a power that is not under human control, and may be in control of this environment/world.

If so we humans, have not been paying much attention to it’s influence in this world. Those few who have been trying to give the power that is in control it’s due: have called it (science) environment or (others) have called it God. I will let science and the environment and the failure of humans giving it the due it deserves – up to those who are better qualified then me to speak about our failure there.
Let’s look at what this failure causes, next.


Well to start with: without rain or water plants can’t live or function. And one of the most important functions of plants is to provide us with oxygen to breathe. I don’t know about you, but I/science have not as yet figured out, how to live without breathing.
I in my limited knowledge have determined that that is a rather important consideration. The next most important consideration in my mind is the need for humans to have liquids going into their bodies to keep their (chemical/physical) bodies functioning. In my limited studying; I have found that we can live for only a few days without liquids coming into us.
Kind of important factor in my belief. OK, but what happens if plants and/or animals do not get liquids. They also quit living. And without them, I figure we might get a bit hungry. And I am rather sure that we would not last very long.
Have I got your interest yet? It’s rather clear to me that humans, animals, and plants can’t function without liquids. What about our society, can it function without liquids?
Let’s take a look at sanitation. Sanitation is basically: getting rid of the waist human/animal bodies produce as they function. Without an effective sanitation system, humans systems have a problem with disease and other negative things. We as humans grouped together in cities have yet to find a way to have an effective sanitation system without liquids. Without sanitation we would need to give up human groupings (like cities).
The next thing society needs is liquids to put out fires. Without water we can’t use flammable building materials in our human groupings. And of course there is all the temperature control functions that our performed by liquids.
I also noticed that transportation uses liquids to get what we need from one place to another. From boats using rivers and lakes to move things around. And of course there is all the cooling of engines that go on in trains and autos and so forth. I guess that is rather important.
Have you noticed that this world would ceased functioning if we were to have to give up electricity. And a lot of that electricity is produced using liquids such as water turbines, water cooled coal/nuclear plants, etc. No water, limited or no electricity. Important right?
I have just touched the surface of the challenges we will face in the future without rain/usable water. Property values will tank without water accessibility. Financial systems will collapse. Without farms, cities, manufacturing, and society as we know it today humans would find it hard to function or survive.
Nations will go to war to grab whatever usable water they can. And at the end, there would not be a livable world for humans, animals and plants.
I think that I have illustrated the importance of the topic of “The Drought,” the world is facing. If I am right, this should be a life and death item in our lives. Or if not, it will bring death and the end.
If you are with me so far, and you think that this might be something you should look into, please continue.


Yes, The U.S. government says so. It publishes on a web site: “U.S. Drought Monitor”.

They seem concerned. But I’m sure that they don’t want to appear to concerned or they could cause a panic. I know that I am very concerned. Here is some of the U.S. government concern:
The map summarizes and synthesizes information from the local and state level to the national scale, making it the most widely used gauge of drought conditions in the country. Policy makers use it to allocate relief dollars, states use it to trigger drought response measures, and media rely on it. The USDA uses it to distribute millions, even billions, of dollars in drought relief to farmers and ranchers each year, and the Internal Revenue Service also uses it for ranching-related tax determinations.
Here is the world map:


Yes, here is a portion of a recent article from the U.S. government.:

• Based on the Palmer Drought Index, severe to extreme drought affected about 8 percent of the contiguous United States as of the end of February 2015, an increase of about 2 percent from last month. About 5 percent of the contiguous U.S. fell in the severely to extremely wet categories.
• About 15 percent of the contiguous U.S. fell in the moderate to extreme drought categories (based on the Palmer Drought Index) at the end of February.

Another article:

• Okay, your question intrigued me so I took the liberty of googling ‘worst droughts in history’ apparently the western region of the U.S. is going through one of the worst droughts in 500 years and Australia is going through the worst drought that they’ve ever had in 1000 years.

And another:

It is well known that climate change is causing all sorts of extreme weather, and may lead to events such as 35-year-or-longer “megadroughts” that will be the worst we’ve seen in 1,000 years. Now researchers are giving us another glimpse into the future, saying that drought damage will likely cause widespread forest death by the 2050s as a result of climate change.

These articles have caught my attention. And what is extremely important is that the speed of the increase in the growth of the world’s drought. I challenge you to go out on the internet and Google or Bing “World Drought”. It will scare you as it did to me. And yet all we see on our local, national and world news is less important news for our future. These articles and notifications should be on every news, talk, and discussion show. But they won’t, because it would cause panic and world-wide societal collapse. What has caused this?


Well we humans, have a basic character that wants to be in control of our life and everything around it that impacts our life. But since we have to live with other humans who have the same basic character, we automatically run into trouble.
Our world and society can’t function in full effective cooperation in giving each individual full control of their life and the world around them. So the world and society has a program that provides multiple levels of authority (U.N., Nations, states, counties, cities, etc.). This is seen in all aspects of society: school, job, family, etc.. But each of these levels of authority have other humans with the same need for control of their life and others. We don’t have within us as humans to fully overcome this character flaw. Therefore the world was created and is being controlled by a “Higher Power.” This need for this “Higher Power” to provide us with the ability to provide us with the power to fully cooperate with others for the betterment of the human society is and has been part of our natural character – all through human history.
But it has only been in recent generations of humans that the majority of humans have taken out of their life this need for a “higher power.” So, as a result of this action by the majority of humans, we have been unable to fully cooperate for the betterment of the world and humanity. We are physically destroying our environment, our society, our families and everything around us.
The reason that this “Higher Power” is necessary to human survival is that the “Higher Power” provides us with the “Morals and Ethics” that provides us with the framework of cooperation between individuals and society. Without these morals and ethics, it is impossible to successfully cooperate. We, as humans, have tried to replace them with “laws and rules.” But they do not work; because the motivation to follow them is not present within the average human. An so we have to use an approach of punishment for failure to follow these laws. The problem with punishment is that it only makes things worse. All we have to do, is to take a look at the world’s prisons.
And of course we also presently hope that our education systems will teach societal cooperation. But we have taken it out of our educational systems. Instead we have encouraged the students to be the best individual they can be and to get the most they can individually. This is the opposite of what is needed for a successful world.
And if we add the science factor to the mix, we add a lot more challenge to human society. Science’s purpose was in the past to help the human race to deal with the challenges of life. But science has become a money making operation. What is best for the individuals who are funding the science.
Next we add the military to the mix. The only way a country can function is to have the best military to defend the country from attack. This just brings more death and destruction.
We then add the business world to the mix, we have the need to make the most money for the humans associated with the business. It’s not what is best for society, but what is best for the individual.
All of these factors have as their core, “What is best for the individual.” Therefore what is best for society is buried by the individuals in this society. With this in mind, I hope you can see that science and individualism is not the answer.
So what is the answer.


The answer I have come up with, is that we need to first acknowledge that the current approach does not work. Individualism (each individual seeking what is best for him/her) produces a societal system which puts the individual first and not society as a whole, being more important.
The second step is that we need to change our approach to society and authority. From individualism to seeking what is best for society as a whole. And that “Higher Authority” (there are multi levels of authority & authority is good) approach to authority is necessary.
The next step is to acknowledge that there is a creator and controller of this world we live in. And He has the right to demand that we pay attention to Him and His rules for humankind as a whole.
Following that acknowledgement, societies institutions (religion, education, etc.) needs to make this approach to changing humanities approach to life as their highest priority. Society needs to change their approach from what is best for the individual to what is best for society as a whole.
Society would need to change in the following areas:
• Religion will need to give priority to their articles of faith that reflects obeying authority including the “Higher Power.” The second priority needs to be love of the “Higher Authority” and of others. And emphasis will need to be put on the real definition of love: placing the other parties need and desires above theirs.
• Education will need to put its top priorities on obedience of the authority chain including the “Higher Power.” Secondly education would need to put down the priority of science and place the emphasis on what is best for society as a whole.
• The judicial system would need to change their priority from protecting the individual rights to protecting the rights of the Higher Power and society as a whole.
• We as humans would need to change our government systems from being centered on individualism to one centered on obeying the “Higher Power” and what is best for society as a whole. If this means one world government, so be it.
• Military and police would need to enforce and defend the other areas.
• Business would need to change from a profit based approach to a service based approach. Much like the public utilities are handled today. And it would need to change from a centralized location approach to a decentralized approach.
• The financial world would need to change it’s approach from one centered on profit to one centered on service and what is best for society.. Any profits could be fully taxed if it can’t be shown that the profits are not going to improve society.
• Labor/employees would be paid based on what they are doing to improve society as a whole.. The salary range would be controlled by government.
• Families would need to be created and functioning within the previously stated definition of love (placing the other parties needs first). Potential marriages would need to be tested either by the religion or government areas for the parties commitment to the love factor, before licenses would be issued. Only licensed marriages would be allowed to raise children. Any children being raised outside licensed marriages would need to be monitored by the state.
• Individuals would need to be tested as children regarding their capabilities and placed in training programs that would need to be coordinated with societies needs as a whole.

This only touches the surface of what would be required. We would also have to change our relationship with the “Higher Power.”


The “Higher Power” will guide society in making this approach work. He will provide the power and guidance to individuals to accomplish this change. This power will take the form of various attributes : patience, kindness, gentleness, etc..

But first we need to acknowledge that there is a “Higher Power.” An entity that created this world and is in control of this world. Science has learned and taught us that there is an orderliness in our world.
We see it in many aspects of our life. We know how to travel by way of the north star. The rises in the east at a knowable minute. Babies are born on schedule. Weather is predictable. And a lot more.
Something or somebody needs to be in control. We even used to come rather close to how much moisture over a period of time would come. Well something has changed. And we are even told by our scientist that we have wrecked our environment. Well if we have wrecked it, then there is no hope.
I prefer to believe what I have observed: that there is a higher power who is in charge. One who can change our future from what we did to it by our individualism to one where He is acknowledged to be in control by the majority of humans. By being in control of the world, He is in control of our lives also.
In order to have this control relationship we need to develop a love sharing relationship. One where we place the other parties needs and desires first over ours. But since the “Higher Power” is over all the world, He needs to take in to concern the whole worlds needs along with His overall plan for the world. So He may not be able to provide us with our needs that may be in conflict with the needs of others or His plan.
Currently the majority of humans to not acknowledge His authority over them. He needs to get their attention and bring them back under His control. Our failure to do so has created the lack of a proper physical and social environment for a successful human relationship to function between us and the Higher Power, between us and others and between us and the physical world.
This improper relationship has brought us to this condition. And only the majority of humans can change it by improving our relationship with the “Higher Power” and other humans. Although He can do it on His own; why would He if there is no improvement in our human relationships.
But for those who make an attempt to achieve this improved relationship without the majority of humans doing so, will find that they have help going through the challenging times ahead. And the “Higher Power” (or who I will now start calling-God) will provide you with a reward for doing so. This reward will usually be in another world and time.
These benefits will be better explained through your religion if you have one. I strongly suggest you acquire one. If you would like a suggestion; I would like to suggest that you look into the Christian faith.
But the important factor is that you improve your relationship with your God, so that you will have the help you need to go through the challenges you will have in the future. And this relationship will offer you a future after you should cease to exist on this world.
But all of this is a tremendous amount that would have to change in order for all our current future to change. What’s going to happen if it doesn’t?


Although the changes I proposed are possible, they are not likely. Therefore it is probable that the worldwide drought will continue over the next decade or century.

Turing the relatively near future, the drought will continue to expand. And as conditions continue to decline, the people in the worst areas will have to take actions to survive. These will no doubt include moving out of the dying areas into areas where the draught is not yet as severe. This will speed up the drought in those areas.

All kinds of survival plans will be initiated by individuals and/or nations. This will cause more wars for territory to take place. This will cause more decline, until one of the parties start to use nuclear weapons and that will bring an end to most of humanity.

In the mean time, societies will go into decline, financially, law and order , educationally and all aspects of society. Famines will develop around the world. Food and water will cease to be available. Humans will die by the millions.

Animals and plants will continue to lose ground. And as a result Oxygen will continue to decline. When the oxygen declines enough, the world will end as far as humans are concerned.

The only help for the human race will be if God steps in and takes unilateral action. If He chooses not to act it would be His choice. A few humans will try to hang on by going underground or by going on space craft into space. This will only by a small amount of time.

For those humans who are Christians, they have a future in heaven to look forward to. But it is my belief, after over 50 years of study, that only those Christians that learned to truly love their God with their whole heart, mind and spirit will join him in a heavenly love fest.


If what Information I have provided you is valid, and the Higher Power/God does not act on His own, then we humans who are living today, do not have much to offer future generations.

All we can do is to work on our relationship with each other and our God. These relations will help us go through the challenging times ahead. You will also find help in your religious bodies. You should make special effort to participate in any appropriate small groups they might have.
Use any other media resources that is available to you to prepare your mind and body to face the challenges ahead.
One of the many electronic offerings available to you is my blog site at:
On this blog site, you will find the ability to ask questions and find answers there.
You will find there one of my other books which will help you become a successful Christian that will be prepared for the challenges ahead. You may also purchase your own personal copy on either Amazon or Kindle.
There are many other wonderful postings on my blog site. You will find many other wonderful electronic web sites and web applications.

The most important source of life information for Christians will be found in the Bible. If you do not have one, may I suggest acquiring the “Living Bible.”

You may want to take some classes on the Bible such as Bethel.

But the most important source will be the sermons you will here at your local religious body/church.

All of what I have provided you will help you prepare to go through the challenges you will face. And if you are an individual that is sharing love with your God, I look forward to meeting you in the eternal love fest with yours and mine BFF Best Friend Forever. See you thered.

I am not an expert on this topic. I am just an observer. These observations have been made over a period of 76 years as a lay Christian minister and Chaplain. And just plain living.

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