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Introduction to Shared-Love.

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God’s Love Theology

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Total Surrender

We take a look at turning control of your life to God’s control. Continue reading

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Even BFF’s can be separated for a time.

Both on earth and in the spiritual world, Best Friends need to spend time apart from each other, so their trust in each other can be developed.  And also the value of the BFF relationship’s can be appreciated better.  It … Continue reading

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We are in a war

We need to remember that we are participating in a war between Satan and Jesus.  And the real hard part is that we are fighting it on the enemy’s ground.  So if we do not win every battle, it is … Continue reading

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Times of emptiness.

Your lover God will provide you with periodic times of emptiness; so that you will depend and trust on Him.  They will make you wonder if you are on the right track.  The time will be a test of your … Continue reading

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Your body needs to be a temple.

The Holy Spirit in representing your BFF wants to reside in your body.  So we need to keep it in good condition.  That means going to the doctor when you should.  Taking the medicine that you should along with the … Continue reading

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When did we praise God for Good Weather.

We constantly pray to God when weather is bad.  Help us to get through difficult environments.  But when He gets us through the bad weather and into the good; where are we.  Certainly not singing His praises for what He … Continue reading

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