Hi, I am a retired Lay Minister.  I am married and in my 70s.


2 Responses to About

  1. Marie says:


    How are you? Some years ago, I use to visit website (Christian Leadership Course) that has some great teaching materials. I still have some of those materials. Lately I have been looking for the same website but cannot seem to locate it.
    I notice some of those lessons are on this page.

    Thanks, Marie

  2. Al DeFilippo says:

    Hello George, seems like you may have been involved with the Methodist Church. If you interest, I have a website with numerous articles about early Methodism. The website is also the location for the book series, The Asbury Triptych Series, a trilogy about Francis Asbury’s early years in England and America. Please enjoy the articles about John and Charles Wesley, George Whitefield, Francis Asbury and many of the leading men and women who launched Methodism across the globe. The website is http://www.francisasburytriptych.com. thank you for your website.

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