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What are the historical patterns of the role of spiritual trainer?

What are the historical patterns of the role of spiritual trainer? •a person ‘possessed by the Spirit’, characterized by personal holiness of life, a closeness to God; •a person of experience, one who has struggled with the realities of prayer … Continue reading

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Recognizing our humanity.

Image via Wikipedia Recognizing our humanity. If the Christian ceases to acknowledge his own humanity, then in time he will cease being a Christian. The good news of God‘s continuing, renewing action in the world comes frustrating gift-wrapped in the … Continue reading

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Wedding Spirituality and Soul

Image via WikipediaWedding Spirituality and SoulIn our spirituality, we reach for consciousness, awareness, and the highest God; in our soulfulness, we endure the most pleasurable and the most exhausting of human experiences and emotions.  These two directions make up the … Continue reading

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The Rediscovery of Spirituality

Image via WikipediaThe Rediscovery of SpiritualityAnother aspect of modern life is a loss of formal religious practice in many people’s lives, which is not only a threat to spirituality as such, but also deprives the soul of valuable symbolic and … Continue reading

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The Need for a Spiritual Life

Image via WikipediaThe Need for a Spiritual LifeI have been emphasizing the soul’s need for a vernacular life – Its relationship to a local place and culture.  It has a preference for details and particulars, intimacy and involvement, attachment and … Continue reading

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The Economics of Soul

Image via WikipediaThe Economics of Soul Care of the soul requires ongoing attention to every aspect of life. Essentially it is a cultivation of ordinary things in such a way that soul is nurtured and fostered. If we do not … Continue reading

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